Spring Cleaning: Tips & Tricks for Cleaning Your Faucet

Whether you’re cleaning up after a remodel or just looking to give your space a spring clean, we’ve got the tips to keep your hansgrohe faucet and showerheads sparkling for the obligatory #adulting pictures on social media (psst… tag us @hansgroheusa).

QuickClean: The quick anti-limescale function

Many hansgrohe products are equipped with QuickClean technology, with flexible silicone nozzles on the aerator of the faucets and the jets of showers. Simply rub the high-quality and tear-resistant silicone to remove limescale and dirt. This eliminates the need for harsh chemicals, and you will always benefit from a full spray.

Selecting your tools

Now it’s time to select your cleaning tools. The finish on hansgrohe products is best cleaned with a soft cloth. By gently wiping away, you will remove most of the dirt without damaging the material. Abrasive items, such as sponges, brushes or microfiber clothes, are not recommended as it could damage the finish. hansgrohe products are designed with a durable PVD technology that ensures your purchase maintains its exquisite color and scratch-resistant design, but why would you want to risk it?

Choosing a cleaning agent

A gentle citric acid-based cleaning agent is a popular choice since it is often gentler than conventional concentrates and lowers the risk of irritating hands and eyes, sensitive skin, allergies and does not damage the material. We advise against using cleansers based on vinegar, acetic acid, formic acid, sodium hydroxide alkalis and chlorine bleach alkalis, phosphoric acid or even hydrochloric acid. Some of these substances are highly corrosive. Frequent use will damage the metal, no matter how high-quality the finish.

You’ve heard our tips. Now grab your cleaner, put on your favorite music or podcast, and get to cleaning! You can find more tips with our easy cleaning reference guide here.

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