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Allegro kitchen faucets

Transitional design with elegant contours

Allegro kitchen faucets exude both aesthetic and functional beauty, bringing warm hospitality to the heart of your home. Bring a new element to your kitchen with these eye-catching and unique faucets. The transitional design gives home owners, and interior designers alike, a range of possibilities when it comes to choosing this faucet for nearly every kind of kitchen.

Cleaning made simple: QuickClean technology

Would you like to be able to enjoy your kitchen faucet year-round without stressing over the chore of cleaning the inevitable build-up of dirt and grime? The good news is Allegro faucets are all equipped with QuickClean technology, this means that removing dirt and lime buildup is as easy as rubbing it away with the fingers. Products that are clean and well-maintained remain functional and last longer.

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