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New bathroom products

New products by hansgrohe – for the most beautiful moments with water

Get an overview of the latest hansgrohe products that have once again reinvented the way we use water. From square shower heads to freestanding tub fillers to space-defining control units for shower and bathtub. We offer durable solutions based on the highest standards of quality, functionality and design.

Shower comfort in new forms

More than ever before, the bathroom is evolving from a functional room for body care into a space for retreat and relaxation. Generously planned rooms offer space for newly conceived designs and operating concepts that will make your contact with water even more delightful. Find out about our new highlights for the shower and bathtub.

Neue Ideen von hansgrohe für moderne Küchen.
Hansgrohe has designed a range of showers tailored precisely to your needs. Be pampered with unprecedented showering indulgence: Rainfinity.

Rainfinity - The New Standard in Showering 

No matter how you spend your time in the shower, Rainfinity from hansgrohe provides uplifting energy to kickstart your day, and  later revitalize your senses with quiet relaxation in a way you’ve never experienced.
Neue Ideen von hansgrohe für moderne Küchen.
Whether you’re starting your day with a shower or winding down with a hot soak, Joleena will elevate the experience and seamlessly weave it in with the rest of your day.

Joleena - The Perfect Combination of Clean & Classic

Designed for the moments when you work on the finishing touches, from brushing your teeth to washing your hands, the bathroom collection from Joleena includes a range of products, including single-hole and widespread options.
Neue Ideen von hansgrohe für moderne Küchen.
This fine spray gives you more than just a unique shower experience. The flow of water is so sophisticated that it barely makes a splash.

PowderRain - Refreshingly Quiet Showering

The bathroom specialists at hansgrohe developed its newest spray mode, PowderRain. With warm and misty rain droplets in mind, PowderRain indulges your senses with thousands of micro-fine droplets, wrapping your skin in a cocoon of water.
Neue Ideen von hansgrohe für moderne Küchen.

KBIS 2020 Award Winner - Rainfinity: The Standard in shower experiences 

Introducing the first hansgrohe shower that truly delivers the flexibility of multiple experiences in one product, start to finish, throughout your day. 

Invigorate your morning shower routine with intense PowerRain, a swift and focused spray that penetrates and cleanses the body in a new way. Indulge your senses in the evening with PowerRain, an enveloping spray that disconnects you from a hectic day. Punctuate your shower with Rainstream or MonoRain sprays that wash over your skin with a warm and covering flow.

No matter how you spend your time in the shower, Rainfinity provides uplifting energy to kick-start your day with quiet relaxation in a way that leaves a lasting impression. Enjoy an award-winning shower experience where you can let everything go and simply enjoy the moment. 
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