Showering with PowderRain is #MyRelaxingMoment

#MyRelaxingMoment with hansgrohe PowderRain.
The relaxed way to shower with hansgrohe

Softer, gentler, quieter: the new way to shower with PowderRain

hansgrohe turns your daily shower into the ultimate #MyRelaxingMoment. The micro-fine droplets of PowderRain silently cascade down and envelop your body for a shower experience like no other. Immerse yourself in thousands of raindrops, light as a feather on your skin, and feel the weight of the day begin to drift away. 

PowderRain: time out from the daily grind    

  • PowderRain is when your bathroom is transformed into a super-silent relaxation zone that brings body, mind and soul in harmony. 
  • PowderRain is when thousands of micro-droplets land, as light as a feather, on your skin and make for an indulgent and sensual shower.
  • PowderRain is when the shower de-stresses you from head to toe and gives you time to meditate and take a break. In other words, it’s #MyRelaxingMoment.
Do you want to feel these sensations? You can enjoy the innovative jet type by making small changes to your shower area and simply replacing the hand shower. If you’re thinking about bathroom renovation, you can also get an all-in-one solution from us that includes a showerpipe. 

Relax! Micro-droplets not mega-stress

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