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hansgrohe bathroom guide: Tips for individualized bathroom design

With countless design variants, almost every design you could wish for can be realized in the bathroom. Whether an elegant retreat, a guest bathroom, or simply a powder room: a good guide offers orientation in the world of bathroom planning. The hansgrohe pros are there to assist you through the planning process. Instructions on installation and care tips ensure lots of enjoyment of your product for years to come.

Valuable background knowledge on the modern bathroom

Modern bathrooms are carefully appointed feel-good spaces. Choose from a variety of setup options to make your own personal design wishes come true. Often it is difficult to coordinate the wealth of technologies and solutions with your own requirements. A comprehensive bathroom guide provides valuable service and accompanies you step by step along the path to a custom dream bathroom.

A bathroom guide for all aspects of bathroom design

Browse through our bathroom planning category for your new or high-quality renovated home. The bathroom guide responds to your individual requirements and offers tips on topics such as multi-generational bathrooms or floor-flush showers.

Different installation variants determine the functionality and aesthetic effect of faucets and showers. With this in mind, the bathroom guide offers you background knowledge and assistance with different types of installation. You will also learn how to enjoy your product for years to come with the right care & maintenance.

The topic of technologies involves functions for efficient and environmentally friendly water and energy use. In addition to ergonomic water control, the focus is on individual operating comfort.

In a bathroom with a feel-good character, what is particularly important is to create a sense of harmony between furnishing elements. Product advice helps to determine the combination of faucet and sink that is optimal for you.

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