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Internationally award-winning

Prize-winning design for the bathroom and kitchen

hansgrohe products are timeless, beautiful and highly functional: This is confirmed by a host of design prices and quality awards that expert juries have awarded to the premium brand. The Hansgrohe Group is the iF design leader in the sanitation industry and in 6th place among around 2,000 listed companies. Behind this success story is also our longstanding collaboration with Phoenix Design.

Design makes all the difference

At hansgrohe, our product development focuses on your needs: the desire for more shower enjoyment and bathing pleasure, and greater comfort in the kitchen. This is why faucet and shower design at hansgrohe is not an end in itself: Use our modern yet timeless branded products to design your personal wellbeing bathroom and lighten the workload in the kitchen. Highest quality and design that outlives fast-moving fashion trends: that’s what guides us in our product innovation.

We also work closely together with internationally renowned designers, together developing products that fuse aesthetics and functionality. Phoenix Design has been shaping the face of hansgrohe for more than 30 years. This is because the creative professionals from Stuttgart are the exclusive designers of the entire shower and faucet category for the quality brand from the Black Forest. Phoenix Design and hansgrohe work together toward an intelligent combination of design, function and comfort. In a word: User-friendliness. During these decades, Phoenix Design has designed all of the key products for the hansgrohe brand. Products that are technologically and visually durable. 

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The Hansgrohe Group is the iF design leader in the bathroom industry

Presented by international juries, these prizes underscore the standard of quality and the design leadership of the Hansgrohe Group:

  • Design prizes actually rain down on hansgrohe: for example, the “reddot Award – best of the best,” “iF Gold Award” or “German Design Award.”
  • In the ranking of the most successful companies in the design competitions around the coveted “iF awards” presented by the International Forum Design (iF), the Hansgrohe Group currently occupies 6th place. Among some 2,000 listed companies, it surpasses top brands such as Apple, BMW or Siemens and is iF design leader in the sanitation industry. The iF awards are among the most important indicators of product and design quality in the world. The independent institute has been issuing its ranking since 2008, evaluating successes in its design competitions.
Recognized by independent juries

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