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The right faucet for your bathtub

hansgrohe bathtub faucets for relaxed moments of wellness

Whether the bathtub you choose is freestanding, wall-mounted or elegantly recessed into the floor: It is our faucets that will make your bathtub complete. Choose from a wealth of variants and designs and benefit from the greatest ease of use in proven hansgrohe quality.

Which bathtub faucet is the right one?

hansgrohe offers you bathtub faucets for installation on the wall, for instance: In the case of concealed variants, the technology vanishes within the wall, and you benefit from a harmonious appearance. Exposed variants, on the other hand, are installed on the wall. These are ideal if there are already connections in place. They can be installed with a few flicks of the wrist, which for you means: lots of change with little effort.

Genuine eye-catchers are our free-standing tub fillers, available with or without a hand shower. Embedded bathtub trim faucets are recommended for bathtubs with broad bathtub trim: For example, choose a 3-hole bath tub trim faucet – consisting of an inlet, a faucet and a hand shower. The shower is ready to use, while the shower hose invisibly vanishes within bath tub trim.

Realize your design preferences down to the details 

Does everything match the rest? It will. If you have already decided for a certain faucet category for the sink or in the shower, then hansgrohe has the bath tub faucet to match. Because all our ranges are designed holistically with the entire bathroom in mind. This is how you can create a consistent, wall-to-wall look.

A bathtub faucet with greater ease of use, more enjoyment in the bathroom

The easier your bathtub faucet is to use, the nicer the experience for you. hansgrohe has created lots of helpful solutions to make this come true. With easy-to-use single-hole bathtub faucets, you can set the temperature and water volume you want with a quick flick of the wrist. Select from among the different handle variants to find the one that rests best in your hand. And with hand showers equipped with Select technology, conveniently switch from one spray mode to another: at the touch of a button.

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