Showertrim by hansgrohe for volume control.
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Shower faucets with a high standard of design

How do I find the right shower faucet for my bathroom?

With a shower trim, you can set water flow and temperature comfortably using buttons, a lever, or two separate handles. It is your central control unit for successful shower enjoyment. hansgrohe offers you different models and designs – so you can always get trims to match sink, bathtub and bidet. This creates a coherent overall picture in your bathroom.

Different designs: As individual as your wishes

Select from the different hansgrohe style worlds to suit your bathroom ambiance: Avantgarde, Modern or Classic. The faucets also differ from one another in terms of form and contours: angular silhouette or round surfaces. Rounded edges or straight designs. This creates looks of independent elegance.

Shower faucets for exposed installation: Possible with little effort

Exposed-installation faucets are mounted on the wall and can be attached to existing connections with little effort. These are the simple solution if you want to modernize your bathroom. The hose connection is located directly on the faucet. Find out more about exposed-installation faucets.

Concealed-installation shower faucets: Minimalistically fused to the wall

With with hansgrohe concealed-installation shower trims, the technology is hidden behind the wall. This creates more room for your shower enjoyment. Here, the proven hansgrohe iBox Universal is integrated into the wall. You decide which concealed-installation trim you like, thus keeping many options open for later extensions and customizations. Find out more about concealed-installation faucets.

Easy to operate: With a single-hole faucet, two handles or at the touch of a button

hansgrohe shower faucets can be operated via single-lever shower faucet, two-handed mixing faucet or intuitively at the touch of a button (Select). A single-hole faucet of the Talis range, for instance, is scaled back. Its slender pin handle is used to set temperature and water flow. The Logis Classic 2-handle shower faucet is appealing with two nostalgic cross handles. If several showers are in use, such as an overhead and hand shower, the water source is toggled using the diverter on the faucet. With the ShowerSelect range, the switch over is even possible at the touch of a button, thanks to proven Select technology. Select represents utmost shower comfort.
You don't want to compromise when it comes to your shower control? Then learn about our shower thermostats. They automatically compensate for fluctuations, and the set water temperature remains constant. Find out more about the benefits of our shower thermostats.

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