hansgrohe shower head with XL rain shower.
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hansgrohe overhead showers: From small shower head to XXL Performance

Whether it’s a small bathroom or large luxury bathroom: hansgrohe offers the right overhead shower for all spaces. We offer Crometta for shower cabins in student apartments as well as the space-forming, Rainmaker Select-type XXL rain shower. All models have an appealing design, combined with high functionality.

Design for discerning expectations

hansgrohe overhead showers offer you shapes that range from round and strikingly angular to gently rounded and square. They are presented in chrome or in an attractive white/chrome color combination. For the classically elegant look, we offer an additional variant with fine gold accents: Raindance Classic. A design highlight are the overhead showers of the Rainmaker Select range. Their spray disc consists of safety glass, optionally available in modern white or elegant black.

What are your mounting options?

Depending on the overhead shower type, you have three different options: Either it is mounted with a shower arm on the wall or installed high up with a ceiling connector. For an architectural character, we offer you flush-mounted steel discs. In the latter variant, shower and ceiling converge to create a single, flowing unit. As a rule of thumb, we recommend positioning the shower head around 20 centimeters above the head height of the tallest person in the household.

A single spray mode? Or perhaps several?

hansgrohe offers you overhead showers with one, two or three different spray modes. Choose, for instance, from among , Rain for an invigorating kick of freshness, RainAir for a relaxing rain shower, or RainFlow for a full-area gush spray like that of a wonderful waterfall. Enjoy individual water enjoyment based on your mood: for body care or relaxation. To switch among spray modes, the Raindance Select and Croma Select overhead shower models offer intuitive operating technology: Simply press the button integrated in the middle of the spray disc (Select) to cycle through the various spray modes. Alternatively, change the spray mode using a hansgrohe thermostat.

Benefit from innovative hansgrohe technologies when you shower

Innovative hansgrohe technologies enhance your shower comfort and enjoyment, reduce your water consumption and protect your wallet. You decide which technologies are important to you:
hansgrohe overhead showers with AirPower absorb air over large area. This way, you can enjoy full, soft drops and use less water at the same time.
Beautifully water-saving: hansgrohe overhead showers with EcoRight technology. This can reduce water consumption by up to 40 percent over conventional products. This conserves resources and cuts costs. 
Overhead showers with XXL Performance have a spray disc up to up to 600 mm in diameter. This way you can enjoy huge shower experiences. Equally distributed spray openings guarantee efficient water use.
With shower heads with QuickClean technology, flexible silicone nozzles ensure that you can easily remove limescale deposits with your fingers.
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