Talis C

Save water with classic charm

Talis C – nostalgic bathroom faucets with modern technology

Do you like bathrooms of classical beauty? Then the Nostalgic faucets in our Talis C range are ideal for you. This is where sweeping, filigree forms meet traditional style elements. Create your bathroom from a single source: sink, bathtub and bidet.

Talis C faucets are designed with tasteful bathrooms in mind – and for people who value the benefits of forward-looking functions. Because they combine the best of both worlds: stylish, nostalgic design and the very latest in faucet technology. For example: EcoRight water-saving technology reduces your water consumption to 1.2 gallons per minute and helps protect nature and your wallet.

Outstanding ease of use in stylish design

With Talis C, subtle details, fine contours and unobtrusive lines form a exciting design language and a harmonious overall composition. The attention to detailing in this design can also be seen in the filigree pin handle you can use to elegantly and sensitively specify water quantity and temperature.

Set accents, with Talis C for sink and bidet

With their slender, high base set, Talis C lavatory faucets convey elegance. Their extended base gives visual support, and the curved spout underscore its original charm. For precise space between the spout and sink, Talis C lavatory faucets come in three heights (Comfort Zones 80, 90 and 230). A special spectacle is available thanks to the well faucet with open spout. With it, you can watch as the water flows to the edge of the spout. Create an elegant highlight at the bidet as well, with straight-lined design complete with pin handle.
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