PowderRain - Enjoy the same performance with less water flow in the shower.

Soft, peaceful and relaxing: Innovation for showering pleasure

The bathroom specialists at hansgrohe developed its unique spray mode, PowderRain. With warm and misty rain droplets in mind, PowderRain indulges your senses with thousands of micro-fine droplets, wrapping your skin in a cocoon of water.

The PowderRain jet from the overhead shower.
New and unique: PowderRain spray by hansgrohe. Micro-fine droplets envelop the body in a cocoon of water during showers.

Enjoy water with PowderRain: gentle and relaxing thanks to micro-fine droplets

Enjoy great shower pleasure while saving energy, water and money - with hansgrohe EcoRight. In combination with our innovative PowderRain spray, you can indulge in thousands of microdroplets for a one-of-a-kind feeling. The flow of water is so sophisticated that it barely makes a splash.

Refreshingly quiet and a great shower performance

The delicate spray ensures a uniquely pleasant sensation of water all over your skin. Thousands of micro-droplets provide you with sensual shower enjoyment, as if you were standing in the delicate rain of a tropical forest. The water, which is split up in the shower head is refreshingly quiet as it sprays from the nozzles. This means you can completely unwind during your everyday routine. Another highlight, which comes while renewing your daily routine is the combination with our EcoRight technology: you can save energy, water and money and still enjoy your water and shower experience. 


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Showering with PowderRain

You can enjoy PowderRain with minimal changes to your shower with the following:

Technology can be so cuddly

hansgrohe directs water jets in all directions with your well-being in mind. Because PowderRain is based on an innovative technology. The individual PowderRain jets have several fine openings (instead of one) that then atomize the spray into micro-droplets. That’s what makes this spray much finer than conventional shower sprays. You actually feel the water, light as a feather, on your skin.

hansgrohe PowderRain products come with other technology innovations that make your life more comfortable:

  • EcoRight Technology - Enjoy your water routines responsibly. Save energy and water with pure joy. 
  • Select button - Three different spray modes for different needs.
  • QuickClean - Cleaning your shower products have never been this simple. 

* Please be sure to have shower heads and thermostats installed by a bathroom specialist.


Fun with water at the touch of a button

Fun with water at the touch of a button

Select stands for simple operation. With the Rainfinity hand shower, it just takes a click to switch between the three jet types. This operating concept ensures a more convenient and enjoyable shower. Select is intuitive, durable and reliable.

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Rub off limescale easily

Rub off limescale easily

Who actually likes cleaning? The hansgrohe invention QuickClean rapidly removes dirt and limescale deposits from showers. Flexible silicone nozzles make sure of this. Beware of copies: This QuickClean logo is the only guarantee of genuine hansgrohe quality!

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Best of KBIS Bath Silver Award Recipient

The PowderRain spray technology won the Best of KBIS Bath Silver award. Celebrating the most innovative new products of the year, Best of KBIS is the kitchen and bath industry's most prestigious honor. 

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