Kitchen accessories: Wooden cutting board from hansgrohe.

Kitchen accessories

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How to make the hansgrohe sink complete

Comfortable kitchen accessories: Lotion/Soap dispenser

If you already have a hansgrohe kitchen faucet, here is a practical addition: the hansgrohe soap dispenser (also a lotion dispenser). The high-quality complete solution ensures that everything around your sink is visually seamless, that the area looks beautifully tidy, and that work around the kitchen goes smoothly. This combination is perfectly coordinated in design and function.

Classically designed soap dispenser: Suitable for our kitchen faucet lines

Depending on the surface of your kitchen faucet, you can choose between a classic chrome-plated dispenser or a stainless steel finish. With its slim base set, it harmonizes with kitchen faucets of the same design: hansgrohe has designed the right escutcheon shape for each faucet category. For instance, the Metris soap dispenser fits the Metris range. The Talis S dispenser matches products in the Talis line and the versatile Focus dispenser matches the Focus line.

Sustainable kitchen accessories: Economical and less plastic

Left- or right-handed? During installation, the plumber simply drills a hole to the left or right of your kitchen faucet or on the outer edge of the sink. If the dispenser is sunk, only the pump head and escutcheon are visible. The container, which holds 17 ounces of liquid, remains discreetly hidden underneath and can be easily filled from above. Isn’t that nicer than having dented plastic bottles around the sink? 

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