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Intuitive operation at the touch of a button: One click is all it takes to change the spray mode, activate another shower or turn the water on and off.

hansgrohe ShowerSelect Square Thermostatic 2-Function Trim
Here’s how to find the perfect shower head

hansgrohe hand showers – outstanding in form and function

Their names are “Raindance”, “Croma” and “Crometta” and they add showering enjoyment to your life. Upgrade your bathroom in an instant, visually and technologically, with these hand showers. And the feel-good factor? It’s on the rise. Reap the benefits. Including shower and design expertise dating back to the year 1901. 

Shower with your favorite companion: attractive design

hansgrohe makes sophisticated shower heads for every taste and every budget. Whether modern, classic or avantgarde: First, select your design favorite. And choose a size that appeals to you: There are spray discs 85, 100, 120 or 150 mm in diameter. (Here’s a tip: A hand shower attached at the top of a wallbar feels like an overhead shower.) Then select a finish that will show your bathroom in the best light: fully chrome-plated, or with a fresh, white spray disc.

Enjoy ease of use at the touch of a button – with Select

If you select a shower head with different spray modes, rotate the spray disc to change modes. Or else simply choose your shower spray mode at the touch of a button, for a spray that will caress, invigorate or massage. We call this quick and intuitive button “Select.”

Save water and energy – with EcoRight

Many of our hand showers are ecologically and economically exciting: EcoRight reduces water consumption by up to 40 percent – and energy requirements along with it. (Here’s a tip: If your water pressure is already low, i.e. less than 2 bar, it is better to choose a shower without EcoRight. Otherwise, the shower head might not produce enough water.) hansgrohe AirPower turns a little water into a lot of experience, thanks to a generous admixture of air.

Just screw the shower head in place – easy to install and care for

hansgrohe hand showers fit all shower hoses. Simply screw in place. The shower heads are available as a stand-alone product, together with hose and wallbar in the shower set, or as a porter set, with shower support and hose. Our hand showers are also suitable for use with continuous-flow heaters. All of them are easy to clean. For descaling, just rub off the silicone nozzles on the shower head (QuickClean).

Tested and found soothing – major shower test

As a consumer test (trnd, 2013-2015, D-A-CH-NL-B-F-UK) of the Raindance Select E 120 shows: 99 percent of respondents taking a test shower had an excellent product impression. They were also convinced by the design and the selection of spray modes at the touch of a button.

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