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Discover the right twist for saving energy – with CoolStart

With standard faucets, continuous-flow heaters or circulation pumps start immediately when the handle is in the center position. It doesn't have to be this way. With CoolStart faucets by hansgrohe, initially, only cold water flows. This way, your pipeline system is not unnecessarily filled with hot water. Only when you deliberately move the lever to the left is hot water added to the mix. Good for the environment, and good for your wallet!

Save energy in the household with hansgrohe CoolStart.
When set to the middle position, faucets with CoolStart supply exclusively cold water. Hot water only flows if you turn the lever to the left.

Here’s how you can automatically lower your hot water costs

With hansgrohe CoolStart, hot water only flows if you really need it. You only activate the energy this takes when you actively move the faucet lever to the left. In the process, you also decide how high the temperature should be. The handle cannot be moved to the right. This means: Energy-intensive preparation of hot water is limited to situations in which it is actually needed. 

This is how CoolStart saves energy and money in your household. For comparison: A standard faucet delivers hot water in the middle position. A hansgrohe CoolStart faucet delivers cold water in the middle position. 

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