hansgrohe Magazine: Wet Rooms. The bathroom trend that's making a splash

Wet rooms are a trend that has made a splash in the design world in recent years. Keeping all the water in a tub or shower is an impossible task. Water will drop when you step out of the shower no matter how careful you are. Children, pets, and even adults will splash a significant amount during bath time. Installing a wet room is a functional solution so you don’t have to worry about stray water every time you run your bath or shower.

What is a wet room?

These stylish bathrooms are designed for every surface to withstand water. Wet rooms typically have a curbless shower entry with completely tiled walls and, if space allows, often have a shower space large enough to fit a free-standing tub within them. The tub may be fully exposed to the room or situated behind a glass shower wall. This setup works because the walls are lined, floor-to-ceiling, and waterproof, plus have another layer of waterproof backing. The entire floor is then slightly angled to allow excess water to drain, meaning no stray puddles. 


What are the benefits of installing a wet room?

Trading out a traditional bathroom for a wet room can help a small space feel much larger by eliminating a bulkier shower enclosure and opening up the room. Without walls encasing a shower, tub, sink, or toilet area, you can make any bathroom feel more spacious, and the open floor plan may even allow for components that you might not be able to fit otherwise. 


Wet rooms allow for a different set of design choices that can help create that “wow” factor in your home. Gone are the days of 1980s carpeted bathrooms and pink wallpaper. Sleek, stylish, and, most of all, functional are key aspects of a wet room. If your style is more minimal, opt for an all-white bathroom to help brighten a smaller space, or go all out and mix in different colors and elements like wood, concrete, and tile to create a bold space that’s uniquely yours.


Practically speaking, the addition of a wet room adds waterproofing to one of the major areas of your home that is susceptible to leaks and issues with water. Normal bathrooms open up the possibility of water running into areas it shouldn’t and a buildup of moisture can create dampness in the walls. 


Wet rooms are also easy to clean. Have you ever washed a dog in your bathroom, only for them to spray water all over the walls as soon as they’re free? Those spots don’t have to be a trouble to clean. The environment allows you to just wipe down the walls and walk away or use a normal bathroom cleaner throughout the room.


Is a wet room right for your home?

The design is beautiful - that point is hard to argue. If you are considering a wet room for your home, it’s important to understand the practical aspects of the undertaking. Consider the space required to install separate components, as well as the plumbing required for appropriate drainage. Removing shower walls and tub platforms can make better use of available space and make your bathroom feel larger. It’s an ideal setup for anyone who enjoys a good soak in the tub but would rather rinse off in a shower. It’s also a great, functional option for families with children or pets that splash in the tub or shake off in the shower.

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