hansgrohe Blog: From Flow Rates to Finishes, The hansgrohe Showering Evolution

If you’re a hansgrohe fan (have you tried our showers?!), you’ve probably noticed the transformation of our shower assortment over the last few years. More flow rates, more finishes, more spray modes. More, more, more. We ask long-time Hansgrohe team member and shower extraordinaire, Derek Taylor, what’s changed in recent years – and what’s to come.

It looks like Hansgrohe’s shower offering has evolved….what’s changed?

A lot has changed! But to summarize, we created a new baseline of shower products that makes it easier to shop and sell than in the past. Quite simply, these products are always offered in flow rates of 2.5 GPM and 1.8 GPM (or less) at 80 psi.

When shopping our shower products previously, you likely noticed different products and their combinations were available in different flow rates. With the newer shower additions, we took a hard look at the entire offering and eliminated those inconsistencies while leveraging our best-performing showering products.

As part of this evolution, we also added more flow rate versions to the popular PowderRain 240 and 180 showerheads, Raindance E 300 showerheads, and the extremely versatile Croma Select S 180 2-jet showerheads. Each of these showerheads, no matter the flow rate, delivers #performanceyoucanfeel thanks to Hansgrohe innovations like AirPower.  

The second - perhaps more exciting - part of this story is finishes. We have harmonized and updated the finish offerings for our shower collections. While we have several PVD finishes to choose from in FinishPlus, the ever-popular Matte Black is also available for the showers I mentioned above – a huge upgrade to any shower!

It’s not all flow rates and finishes though – we’ve added new products as well! The new Vernis collection offers a powerful and satisfying shower experience at an extremely competitive price. Vernis showerheads include the round Vernis Blend and the rectangular Vernis Shape, both of which are about 8” and 9” across, respectively. A coordinating Vernis Blend handshower is also available with the same fantastic performance.  All Vernis shower products are offered in bundled shower and tub-shower combinations too!  Of course, all common flow rates are available, even down to 1.5 GPM at 80 psi.

Finally, in our continuous efforts to make shopping for your next shower easier, we’ve added several handshower, showerarm-mount, and wallbar combination sets for easier ordering.

We’ve talked about a lot of different showers today. Do you have any favorites?

That’s a really tough question! We have so many unique showers that offer unique experiences and every person has their own unique preferences and favorites. For example, I’m a big fan of our PowderRain shower technology. In my own shower, one day, I’ll be installing a Rainfinity 250 3-Jet Showerhead together with a Rainfinity 3-Jet handshower for my ultimate shower getaway.

However, until I can do that, my current favorite showerhead is a tie between the Raindance E 300 1-Jet showerhead and a Raindance S 240 PowderRain showerhead. I had been using and enjoying a Raindance S 240 PowderRain showerhead for a while, but when we were preparing the addition of a 2.5 GPM Raindance E 300 1-Jet to join the 1.75 GPM versions, I began testing and using that.  The Raindance E 300 1-Jet showerhead is equally awesome and gives great coverage and relaxation thanks to the stellar RainAIR shower spray engine.

I still love our PowderRain though, so I currently use a Rainfinity 3-Jet handshower.  My favorite spray mode is the Intense PowderRain.  It gives a super-invigorating, tingly sensation that really must be experienced. I use it every day to wake up!  Before Rainfinity, I was using our Raindance Select S 120 3-Jet PowderRain handshower, which is special since it features both PowderRain and conventional shower spray modes.

What can you tell us about what’s coming in Hansgrohe’s future?

Expect fresh new choices in all standard flow rates across the USA. You can always rely on a world-class shower experience from us, the Shower Experts, regardless of which product you choose. We’re committed to being your primary shower supplier, so expect to see more choices available in trendy finishes in future developments. Additionally, we’ve begun phasing out several shower products. Many of these are in the 2.0 GPM at 80 psi flow rate. We found that the experience of our 1.75 GPM products was virtually indistinguishable from the 2.0 GPM version, so we’re harmonizing the 1.75 GPM versions for a simpler shopping experience. In a nutshell, you can expert more innovation, more choices, and more convenience

I found a showerhead that I like, but it’s low flow. I don’t want to buy a low flow showerhead.

Many showerheads launched in the past three years did not come in a standard flow 2.5 GPM version, but we either have already added, or will likely be adding more choices in standard 2.5 GPM. Stay tuned!

I found a showerhead I like, but I am not able to buy a 2.5 GPM showerhead in my state.

That showerhead may be offered in a lower flow rate soon! Our 1.75 GPM showerhead assortment is smaller than the 2.0 GPM and 2.5 GPM assortments, but we are continuing to add additional SKUs to popular products.

Will hansgrohe expand the PowderRain offering?

We’ve added different flow rate versions to the 240 and 180 PowderRain showerheads for a full PowderRain rainshower assortment. Additionally, we’re launching a new showerhead collection called PULSIFY featuring our latest iteration of PowderRain spray technology in new showerheads and handshowers. Of course, PULSIFY will be offered in standard finishes, as well as Matte Black.

I didn’t realize there are so many parts to order for my new shower. Are there any single model # solutions?

We have several shower bundle solutions available now, from simple DIY-style handshower upgrades and wallbars to full-fledged tub-shower and shower valve kits. We’ll continue to add more of these types of options as they have been well-received.
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