Sophisticated ambiance with a classic touch

Traditional bathroom with a graceful design in Classic style

A classic bathroom enlists traditional design to reference earlier bathroom culture. Sweeping contours, bright hues and gold accents enhance the ambiance. The traditional style furnishings are playful and elegant at the same time, while the classic faucets by hansgrohe harmonize perfectly with classic bathroom design. Behind their gentle forms, they hide innovative technologies.

Classic bathroom with nostalgic fittings.
In the classic bathroom, decorative detailing in the furnishings offers a graceful atmosphere. Traditional forms combine with forward-looking technologies.

Classic bathroom with playful charm and comfortable atmosphere

A classic bathroom owes its individual character to the combination of modern spatial planning, innovative technology and graceful design elements. Whether you prefer the clarity of modern architecture or the elegance of a stylish old building: A bathroom with traditional charm harmonizes with any surroundings and gives your home an individual touch. Contemporary space design forms the basis for an elegant connection to the bathroom culture of days gone by.

  • Wall surfaces in pure white, tiles in hues of pastel and bathroom furniture with bright nuances of color provide a light atmosphere in rooms of every size.
  • A generous lighting concept emphasizes the comfortable flair of classic furnishings. Large window areas or access to the outdoors, but also individually designed artificial lighting, will enhance the effect of the space.
  • Space-defining measures, such as a visual separation between the wellness and functional areas, reinforce the character of the traditional bathroom as a living space.
  • A freestanding bathtub embodies the coziness of the traditional bathroom. In return, the shower area with a floor-level design provides modern-day freedom of movement.
  • Choosing high-quality materials and innovative technologies permits sustainable comfort and a responsible approach to precious resources.

In a bathroom planned with an eye to the future, the stylish combination of traditional furnishing details provides for a classic atmosphere. Graceful forms, playful accessories, gold decor and favorite heirlooms upgrade the space and ensure a comfortable environment.

Single-hole faucet with a graceful design

Faucets with elegantly curved contours and fine gold accents stand for the highest craftsmanship and harmonize with classic bathroom design.

Faucets with gold accents in a classical bathroom.

Traditional forms and innovative technologies in the classic bathroom

In the classic bathroom, faucets and showers play a decisive role as design elements. Here, contemporary materials and technologies meet traditional shapes and decorative details.

  • The graceful faucets in the Metris C range combine the charm of past eras with modern lightness. A minimalist design with classically interpreted lines emphasizes the traditional furnishing style in the bathroom.
  • With their vibrant radiance, the faucets in the Logis Classic range play a leading role in the traditionally appointed bathroom. The effect of their precise design is sweeping and balanced. Expressive finishes in elegant chrome offer enjoyment to the sense of touch.
  • The Talis C faucet category, with minimalist forms and traditional style elements, brings graceful beauty into the bathroom. Their gentle geometry, with elegant, sweeping curves, creates individual highlights while remaining unobtrusive at the same time.
  • In the shower, the round shower heads and hand showers of the Raindance Classic range provide modern water enjoyment. Finishes in chrome harmonize with the classic ambiance.

Classic-style hansgrohe faucets create highlights in a sophisticated setting. Here, an aesthetically discerning design fuses with functional perfection. For an enjoyable and responsible approach to the resources of water and energy.

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