hansgrohe Magazine: Pros and Cons of Pot Filler Faucets

One of the biggest kitchen trends to emerge in recent years is pot filler faucets, and few trends are more divisive. People who love to cook want to recreate the restaurant feel at home. The design is sleek, practical, and often seamlessly incorporated into the kitchen. There are also individuals who consider the addition frivolous and unnecessary. Before you make a decision on including a pot filler faucet in your kitchen renovation, consider these pros and cons.

Pros of a pot filler faucet:

  • Design element: Pot fillers add an elevated element to make a kitchen look more custom, high-end, and luxurious. hansgrohe pot fillers come in a variety of finishes to match your existing fixtures.
  • Faster fill: hansgrohe pot fillers flow at a rate of 2.5 GPM, .75-1 GPM higher than traditional kitchen faucets from hansgrohe. This allows for a quicker fill time and less water wasted so you can get to cooking and save water in the process.
  • Additional water source: If you have a crowded space, the wall-mounted pot filler provides an extra source of water in a busy kitchen. The pot filler is also useful for other household needs and can be used to fill flower vases, mop buckets, watering cans for plants, and more.
  • Professional look and convenience: As kitchens get larger and more professional-grade, a pot filler can add much-needed convenience to the space. As a society, our attention has shifted to focus on the quality of food we serve, and we want our tools to match.

Cons of a pot filler faucet:

  • Lack of drainage: There is no drainage installed with a pot filler, so any spills can be difficult to clean. Additionally, pot fillers are a one-way solution - added convenience for filling pots right on the stove, but if you need to drain pasta or similar dishes later, you’re still stuck carrying that water back across the kitchen.
  • Extra water line installation: In most cases, a pot filler installation does require running a water line to the area. This often is fairly straightforward but does add additional cost to a renovation depending on location and if the installation is part of a kitchen facelift or a complete design overhaul. Evaluate the space and your needs to understand if a pot filler is a feasible addition to the project.
  • Evaluate priorities: Not everyone loves being in the kitchen. Some places aren’t large enough to make the journey from the sink to the stove inconvenient. The style might not match with the decor choices made in the rest of the space. Consider how a pot filler will work with your everyday needs before making the decision to include this in your kitchen updates.

While it’s not for every space or lifestyle, a pot filler is a relatively easy way to elevate your kitchen instantly. Explore hansgrohe’s full range of pot fillers below or see what else hansgrohe has to offer in the kitchen.

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