hansgrohe sBox

Installation and sample installations for a clever solution beneath the sink

The innovative sBox is cleaning up in the kitchen. It is part of the new hansgrohe sink combination and ensures that the hose on your pull-out faucet glides smoothly. The visually unobtrusive box is installed beneath the sink. Learn how to properly position and install the sBox in any situation.

Installation of the hansgrohe sBox in the kitchen cabinet.
The hansgrohe sink combination: a working unit consisting of faucet, sink, operating unit, drain kit and sBox.

Controlled and secure hose guide in the cabinet beneath the sink

A hand spray has many advantages. It ensures flexibility and freedom of movement, thanks to which, for example, filling large pots with water is child’s play. But what happens to the hose when the kitchen faucet is not in use? It hangs around in the cupboard below, right where garbage separation systems or drawers create order. With the sBox, hansgrohe offers a clever solution for all who like things well-ordered. The hose cleanly, smoothly and also very quietly retracts into the housing of the sBox. To learn other benefits of the hand spray and sBox, visit our technology page.

A complete system ensures reliable planning

The sBox is part of the hansgrohe C71 sink combination. A combination like this is delivered ready to install, with all the necessary accessories, and can be immediately integrated into the worktop. Since they are delivered as part of a complete, all components are perfectly matched: from the faucet to the sink, spout and sBox. The combination of pull-out and sBox gives you a radius of action of up to 76 cm. The sBox cannot be purchased separately.

1, 2, 3: tidy: A video on installing the sBox

Is the sBox suited for my kitchen, too?

Yes. Even if you have a small kitchen, your sink unit extends across a corner, or the garbage system takes up lots of space in the cupboard. 3 centimeters deep, 16 centimeters wide and 52 centimeters high, the box fits in all undercabinets with body heights of 74 centimeter or more. Even with a low cabinet height, the sBox is the right choice. Simply order the sBox spacer rail F12 (item number #43333000) along with the package.

hansgrohe sBox is installed under fitting.
Ideally, the hansgrohe sBox is installed vertically beneath the kitchen faucet. Four different, movable mounting elements provide a secure hold.

Ideally, the sBox is installed vertically below the kitchen faucet. Two of the mountings are located at the bottom of the sBox and are firmly screwed to the floor or rear wall of the undercabinet. Two additional mountings are located higher up and are either screwed or hung into the rear wall or hung in place. The mounting elements are movable and can be turned by 360°. This permits simple and quick mounting. Thanks to its high flexibility, the hansgrohe sBox can be installed in several ways. It can also be easily used in the following installation situations:


sBox installation tilted under the kitchen faucet.
This is what an installation situation looks like if, for instance, the rear wall is slightly offset. The sBox can be installed at an angle of +/- 20°.

Floor-level obstacles or a forward-offset rear wall

If installation is not possible directly beneath your kitchen faucet (due to obstacles) or a rear wall is forward-offset, the sBox is mounted at a slight angle. It can be tilted backwards or forwards. To do this, simply align all the mounting elements forward. If you want to clean behind the sBox, simply unclip it from its brackets. The maximum recommended tilt angle is +/- 20°.

sBox mounted tilted sideways.
Obstacles in the sink cupboard are not a problem: The sBox can easily be tilted to one side (+/- 20°). The flexible mounting fasteners make this possible.

Garbage pull-out, drain systems or hard-to-reach angle valves

You have a garbage system under the sink and no more room? No problem! Simply tilt the sBox to the side. The mounting fasteners can be screwed to the floor, sides or rear wall. This makes it easy to continue to reach the garbage pull-out, the drain system or the angle valve in the future. The maximum recommended tilt angle is +/- 20°.

sBox tilted and offset mounted on side wall.
This installation situation applies for corner sinks or sinks with draining boards. The mounting fasteners here are all laterally screwed in place.

Corner sinks, sinks with draining boards or sinks with laterally offset faucet holes

If one of these installation situations sounds familiar to you, should mount the sBox offset on a side wall. All of the mounting fasteners are laterally screwed in place. A parallel offset of the sBox should be avoided. (If installation requires an offset, there must not be more than 30 mm between the faucet and exit axis of the sBox.) 

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