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How to Design a Puristic Kitchen in Anthracite

Puristic chic with ultra-modern fixtures: This dream kitchen is kept in trendy shades of gray. It has been equipped with numerous technical highlights for maximum ease of use. Despite the minimalist color and design, this room does not come off as cool. Rather, it’s comfortable and inviting for extensive cooking, enjoyment, get-togethers, and celebrations.

50 shades of gray

Gray captivates in the kitchen: From dolphin gray, to graphite, to stone gray and concrete gray

The sum of high-quality components makes this kitchen a total work of art. The color scheme in various shades of gray lends the open space a clean, tidy atmosphere. Granite-colored and black color surfaces on walls, tiles, cooktops, sinks, or floating fume hoods set elegant accents. Glass surfaces, simple fronts, and handles further enhance the puristic appearance. Well-organized, built-in cupboards provide ample storage space, so there isn't any clutter. The eye is drawn to the essentials: modern kitchen equipment.

High-tech kitchen equipment: High quality and state of the art

For example, a self-cleaning XXL baking chamber with fan wheel offers space for roasting and baking on five levels. Whether espresso or latte macchiato: The integrated, fully-automated, designer machine brews up every option for coffee fans. The stop-and-go button on the induction cooker offers a real safety advantage: One push is all it takes to turn off all active cooking areas. Perfect for when the doorbell rings or the baby starts crying.

Granite sink with Select kitchen faucet: Sophisticated and user-friendly

It fits perfectly into the elegant color and appliance concept and creates ergonomic comfort: the hansgrohe granite combination sink, made of SilicaTec. This mineral material is available in graphite black, stone gray, and concrete gray. Different work steps can be carried out in parallel on the double basins. And the water flow is conveniently controlled with the pull-out Select kitchen faucet. A comfort detail in a class of its own: the extra control element at the front of the sink.

Easier use at the touch of a button

Press 1x and the water flows – press 2x and the water stops: With the combination sink, the practical Select button is located on the front edge of the sink.

hansgrohe granite combination sink with Select faucet.
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