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Compact Dream Kitchen: Harmonious Design with a Small Floor Plan

The kitchen can also be harmoniously furnished on a small floor plan. The open kitchen unit connects comfortably to the living area, thanks to wooden surfaces and warm colors. In the compact dream kitchen, high-quality technology for smooth cooking work blends with plenty of natural touches. See a small, wellbeing kitchen for yourself.

Modern built-in kitchen in a small space.
Harmonious and high-quality

This small, built-in kitchen is making it quite big

Do you dream of a small kitchen that looks as if it has been cast in one piece? Perhaps the compact, built-in kitchen will meet your taste: thanks to coordinated colors and materials, it’s more than just functionally convincing. Over a small area, the kitchen combines natural touches with premium accents.

Cozy mix of materials for an open kitchen unit

The natural atmosphere is created by wood and tiles,combined with wall cladding in a concrete look. The mix of authentic materials is continued by black, industrial-style metal shelves. White lacquered surfaces provide a stylish contrast. The openness to the living space gives the compact kitchen transparency, while a change from stone to wood on the floor distinguishes the areas. In the kitchen unit, the kitchen wins thanks to clever technology: Kitchen fragrances disappear into the fume hood on the stove, and the rear wall remains fully usable. The tall unit, which complements the kitchen unit to form the L-shape, tastefully sets the scene for high-tech appliances with powerful wood accents.

Functionality is not neglected in the small kitchen

The stainless steel combination sink blends harmoniously into this balanced mix of materials. The small-space kitchen benefits from the fact that the sink and high-quality kitchen faucet make a great team. The extra-large basin and matching faucet form a both aesthetic and functional unit. Water is particularly easy to control using the rocker lever on the front edge of the sink, while the 76 cm-long pull-out extends the radius of action in the compact kitchen. By pressing the Select button at the spout, water flows in the desired spray mode in the place you need it. It also works very well with just one hand, great for the home cook who needs every handle to fit every step of the way.

Ease of use for a small space

Simple water control via rocker lever combined with the pull-out spout: How the combination sink immediately makes friends, even in the smallest kitchen.

Combination sink for the small kitchen.
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