Dream Kitchen for All

Family life around the kitchen island in a colorful ambiance

The family kitchen is an all-rounder: it’s both fit for quick preparation and an arena for cooking fans and socializing. In a busy kitchen, a lot of things have to be done in parallel, which calls for generous work surfaces and short paths. A connection between the kitchen and other areas of life makes it easier to live together, and color accents ensure a good mood when cooking.

Color accents in the modern family kitchen.
Ripe for the \(cooking\) island

The family kitchen stands at the center of life

Do you dream of a family kitchen where everyone can enjoy meeting, eating, playing, and exchanging ideas? Then perhaps the relaxed island solution will provide you with some ideas. The transparent layout creates space for varying activities, and even kids can keep an eye on their play and homework at all times. Thanks to easy-care surfaces, the kitchen is fit for everyday use while color accents make it atmospheric.

The family kitchen is equipped for everything and is easy to maintain

The cooking island is prepared for all requirements, with a generous work surface and plenty of storage space in the base units. Placed centrally, it is the hub of a kitchen of short paths. The surfaces are easy to clean, which also applies to the tiled floor. The mosaic in a discreet vintage look also forgives small mishaps and, together with the wood on the cabinet, creates warm contrasts to the elegant white lacquer. Colors from nature create a cheerful atmosphere and make you feel as if you’re in a place you can rest and recharge. The kitchen unit under the window picks up both the high-gloss white of the furniture and the wood theme for the worktop.

Combination sink fitting everyday family life

The hansgrohe combination sink, with extra-large basin, fits especially well in the family kitchen. The sink with 66 cm internal dimensions accommodates large containers and even baking sheets, and can be used as intermediate storage in turbulent everyday life. The pull-out spout of the 76 cm-long faucet facilitates rinsing and can even fill pots next to the sink. Water can be conveniently controlled one-handed using the Select button, while the spray is guided to where it's needed. The combo is especially ergonomic for small kitchen helpers, as the rocker lever on the front edge of the sink can also be used to switch the appliance on and off.

Timeless, puristic stainless steel

The stainless steel combination sink harmonizes with wooden work surfaces. Operation at the front edge is especially ergonomic in the family kitchen.

Premium stainless steel sink in the kitchen for families.
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