Concealed thermostat by hansgrohe: easy to operate.

Shower Trims

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How to find the right thermostat for you

Take control of your showering experience

The perfect shower includes the best performing showerhead for your needs and an optimal way to control your showering experience. Shower trims operate the temperature, volume, and outlets in your shower. When choosing a trim, consider the style, ease-of-use, safety features, and the number of installed handshowers and showerheads (outlets).

Consider installing a thermostatic trim to ensure constant temperature and water flow. Once you set the temperature, it stays in the same position shower after shower (unless you change it). These shower trims avoid those unpleasant shocks of cold or hot water. They also save water and energy.

Whether you choose a thermostatic trim with diverter, one with Select technology, or a more traditional pressure balance trim, hansgrohe makes your showering experience better. Most hansgrohe shower trims also require the easy-to-install universal rough, iBox.

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