The new minimalism in the bathroom

Living minimalistically and furnishing a bathroom in a scaled-back style

Minimalist design offers a break from everyday life. The clear lines of modern architecture are particularly effective in showcasing furnishings that have been reduced to their essence. Minimalist living extends to the bathroom and creates an individual space in which to unwind. Simple coloring and contouring, combined with innovative functionality, ensures comfortable water enjoyment.

Large shower and tab in puristic ambience.
Designing a functional bathroom

Living minimalistically: Straight-lined bathroom design in modern architecture

Do you value minimalist design and find relaxation in scaled-back, fully functional surroundings? With clear spatial geometry and a generous approach to lighting, modern architecture offers ideal conditions for minimalist living. Incorporate the straight-lined efficiency of the architectural style, and, in the living area and bathroom alike, design a bright interior focusing on the essentials. Grouped to create an individual well-being area, the sink, bathtub and shower invite the user to engage in refreshing water enjoyment. The color design is limited to a clear tone-in-tone concept in white. The renunciation of colorful accents and ornamental accessories brings peace to the room. Scaled-back aesthetics provide a light and airy atmosphere.

Minimalist bathroom with innovative technology

With their precise and at the same time natural design, the hansgrohe faucets of the Talis range create lively accents in this bathroom style. The gleaming chrome finishes elegantly emerge against simple, white ceramics. In the centrally placed shower area, the Croma 100 shower system ensures variable shower enjoyment with three spray modes. Innovative hansgrohe technology is responsible for long-lasting functionality and comfort.

Minimalist design in the bathroom

Living minimalistically in modern architecture: This extends into the bathroom. A plain white room gains personality through gleaming chrome faucets.

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