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Natural bathroom design with Mediterranean flair and unique color accents

Unique bathroom design comes about through the creative interaction of colors and materials. Natural furnishings get their inspiration from Mediterranean style and combine classic forms with modern elements. In a bathroom with a feel-good atmosphere, innovative technology ensures comfortable and resource-conserving water enjoyment.

Bathroom with bronze bathtub and contrasts in pastel tones.
Unique bathroom ideas in a small space

Extravagant bathroom with modern appointments and a Southern flair

Are you inspired by the warm atmosphere of the South? Do you want natural decorative elements with unique accents for your bathroom? A modern planned or high-quality renovated bathroom with a small floor plan gains spatial impact through pastel-colored basic hues. Wall surfaces in the delicate ocher of sandstone and bright gray reinforce the light effect of a small window to create a Mediterranean atmosphere. Bright floor tiles in large format create the unobtrusive basis for bold accents in bronze and dark brown. Small-tiled mosaic in natural quarry-stone look creates warm contrasts at the sink and as a background in wall shelving units. Straight-lined bathroom furniture and stylish wall storage areas offer space for bathroom accessories and ensure a tidy interior.

Innovative technologies for practical water enjoyment in an unique bathroom

A damped color scheme makes the freestanding bathtub and the floor-level shower stand out from the rest of the room. The earth tones highlight the luxury areas in the bathroom and emphasize the relaxing character of this retreat. With their clear, gleaming-chrome finishes, the modern faucets of the Metris range reinforce the individuality of the uniquiel bathroom design. Concealed within the bodies of the faucets are the innovative technologies that are responsible for comfortable water enjoyment and thoughtful use of resources.

Modern faucet in a natural bathroom

In a bathroom with an unique design and a Mediterranean atmosphere, modern faucets create gleaming chrome accents and offer comfortable water enjoyment.

Fancy dream bathroom with bronze bathtub.
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