A cozy bathroom retreat

Cozy bathroom with modern fixtures for comfortable water enjoyment

A comfortable bathroom offers relaxed water enjoyment for the whole family. Earthy pastels and natural materials help create a warm atmosphere. The functional fixtures gain individuality through stylish elements in wood and elegant accessories. A symmetrical room concept emphasizes straight-lined design and harmonizes with the minimalist form of the faucets.

Wellness bath with warm wood tones.
Comfortable fixtures in the modern bathroom

Family bathroom with a warm atmosphere and natural elegance

Would you like to furnish a comfortable bathroom with a warm atmosphere in your new or lovingly renovated home? To make the best use of available space on a rectangular floor plan, create a symmetrical division of space. The layout has an identically equipped vanity to the left and right of the center axis. Bathroom furniture made of wood, straight-line sinks and gleaming chrome faucets are placed opposite one another in harmonious duality. The built-in bathtub is located at the vanishing point of the room. Practical shelves offer space for accessories to the left and right. Bright colors in earthy shades bring warm naturalness to the ambiance. Country-style lamps and carefully arranged accessories emphasize the individual style without overloading the interior.

Modern faucets for efficient water enjoyment in the family bathroom

With their minimalist language of form, the faucets of the hansgrohe Metris range create elegant accents in this cozy bathroom. The gently curved lines and surfaces in gleaming chrome harmonize with the warm bathroom design. Innovative hansgrohe technologies ensure comfortable and environmentally friendly water use.

Modern faucets in a warm setting

In the comfortable family bathroom, elements in wood and earthy nuances of color create the backdrop for the minimalist design of the gleaming chrome faucets.

Cozy bathroom with wooden elements and chrome faucets.
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