These bathroom tips provide orientation

For maximum comfort: Here’s how to plan your personal bathroom

Are you looking forward to your dream bathroom being built from scratch? Or one that will be renovated according to your wishes? You will need good advice in either case, and hansgrohe is here to help. Our helpful tips can quickly guide you on your path to creating your ideal bathroom. This list will provide you with important information, including the things you should consider early in the project, the technical options that exist, etc. 

A Guide for the new bathroom tailored to your wishes

Whether in new construction or an existing property, you have full freedom of choice. From the floor plan to the technology, you can make long-cherished bathroom ideas come true. Put innovative technology on your wish list to keep your bathroom moving into the future.

Reviewing needs, setting priorities

First, you need to consider: Who will be using the bathroom – an individual, a group living arrangement or family? Envision the style – a minimalist space or a wellness oasis? You also have to take future needs into account: The bathroom for all gives you confidence in knowing that your investment will be a lasting one. This guide will aid with your search for the right products and combinations. Our download will ensure that you’re not forgetting anything. Simply check items off your list one by one.

Tips and ideas for bathroom planning.
Planning a new bathroom means: A view to individual wellbeing atmosphere, more comfort and beautiful design. What should be kept in mind in advance? Our checklists will help you.

From innovative technology to the style world: These ideas will carry you further

Anyone who is collecting fresh ideas for his or her new bathroom can take advantage of technological innovations and trends. Are you dreaming of a floor-level shower and shower enjoyment in XXL format? A lot has happened in the bathroom: Ask a sanitary professional near you about the latest trends and possibilities. With this background knowledge, you can then inform architects and interior designers of your specific wishes.

Plan a bathroom with a future

The new bathroom should last a long time: With a concealed-installation solution by hansgrohe, you can stay flexible. You can install a cost-effective hansgrohe product today and then swap this for a premium solution in the future. And without much fuss. The basis here is the basic set by hansgrohe, the iBox Universal, which fits all of the brand’s concealed faucets.

Planning ahead? A timeless bath without tripping hazards creates comfort for everyone. At the same time, you are investing in the value of the property. Also consider using the innovative Select technology with water control at the touch of a button. The excellent ease of use meets the needs of bathroom users of all ages. Also, resource-saving technologies such as AirPower and EcoRight make your bathroom sustainable.

How should the new bathroom look?

Good ideas for the bathroom are inseparable from the question of individual style. hansgrohe distinguishes between the Modern, Avantgarde and Classic styles. The carefully coordinated ranges give you the assurance that everything fits together.

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