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Cheerful bathroom with practical furnishings and a lively color scheme

In a practical bathroom with a bright interior, light and exhilarating color compositions ensure a cheery atmosphere. Areas in bright pastel hues and bold color accents in sunshine yellow create the effect of daylight in a room with a modest floor plan. Functional furnishings offer comfort for the whole family while permitting carefree water enjoyment.

Cheerful bathroom design in light pastel shades and sun yellow.
Cheerful family bathroom in sunny yellow

Practical bathroom design for unrestricted functionality in a small space

Would you like a cheerful bathroom that combines individual design with modern functionality in a narrow space? Then design a room with a bold  and bright color concept to augment the effects of daylight. A wall with classic bar windows will become an eye-catcher with a positive mood effect. Pastel-gray base areas and functional bathroom furniture in discreet dark gray create areas of calm in the interior. With space-saving furnishings, bathroom accessories vanish into simple cabinets, creating a feeling of open space. Features of this family bathroom include two sinks and a large bathtub. The shower finds its place in the vanishing point of the room. Its glass enclosure forms the counterweight to the entry door in rustic wood opposite it.

Harmonious design and technological comfort in the practical bathroom

Dependable functionality is part of a practical bathroom. With their clear forms and gently curved surfaces, the faucets in the hansgrohe Logis range are ideal partners for modern bathroom design. Combined with innovative technology, the clear formal language creates enjoyment for the sense of touch while at the same time ensuring responsible use of valuable resources. This is what contemporary water enjoyment looks like.
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