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Intuitive operation at the touch of a button: One click is all it takes to change the spray mode, activate another shower or turn the water on and off.

hansgrohe ShowerSelect Square Thermostatic 2-Function Trim
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Phoenix – an outstanding think tank

Phoenix Design has been shaping the face of hansgrohe for more than 30 years. This is because they are the exclusive designers of the entire shower and faucet category for the premium brand.

Showerarm Standard 6"
Showerarm Standard 6"
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Not just clean. Rejuvenated.

hansgrohe showers deliver performance you can feel - giving you an experience that makes you feel refreshed, energized, and alive. Eleven different spray modes offer relaxation and rejuvenation in a wide range of handshowers, overhead showers, and entire shower systems.  

Simple solutions for better performance

A better shower experience can often mean a simple replacement of your existing handshower or showerhead. An easy handshower installation is possible in almost any home by just unscrewing the old handshower and replacing with the new shower. To replace the old shower bar as well, install a shower set consisting of a wallbar and handshower. An easy upgrade can make all the difference by turning your old bathing routine into a spa-like experience.

Showering in large format

  • If you think a little bigger, a shower system may be the solution for you. hansgrohe shower systems consist of an overhead and hand shower connected to one another via a bar. For even more comfort, there are variants with integrated single-lever faucets or a thermostat. Multi-jet overhead showers with massage effect turn your shower into a daily feel-good ritual. Simply attach to the existing wall connections and shower away.
  • Are you planning a whole new bathroom? Then there are nearly no limits to your ideas. With hansgrohe overhead showers, you can choose from a very wide variety of designs and sizes. With a Rainmaker Select overhead shower, you can experience water enjoyment in new dimensions and enjoy a soothing rain shower from a 460-mm wide spray disc. Our overhead showers can be installed in different ways: optionally via a shower arm on the wall, from above or embedded entirely in the ceiling.
  • Everything comes with accessories to match: Shower hoses, practical shelves storage areas or grab bars. hansgrohe accessories: for added comfort.

Shower with a recharged mind and a clear conscience

Hansgrohe showers deliver performance you can feel while reducing water consumption. Choose from a wide range of high-efficiency handshowers and showerheads with flow rates ranging from 1.5 to 2.0 GPM, including those with the WaterSense certification. Innovative technologies like AirPower enrich water with air, for droplets that are more voluminous, lighter, and softer. PowderRain delivers thousands of micro-fine droplets due to several openings in each jet – typical spray heads have one opening. PowderRain envelops you in a cocoon of water.

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