Flush-mounted thermostat from hansgrohe: easy to use.
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Intuitive operation at the touch of a button: One click is all it takes to change the spray mode, activate another shower or turn the water on and off.

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Here’s how to find the thermostat that’s right for you

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A thermostatic trim ensures constant water temperature and flow throughout its useful life. Even if your loved ones simultaneously flush the toilet. You will not suffer any unpleasant cold shock or scalding. Thanks to the preset temperature, with thermostats you can also save valuable water and energy compared with single-hole faucets. This pays off quickly.

How do thermostats work? A thermostatic trim mixes hot and cold water the way you set it to. If the pressure or temperature changes in the cold- or hot-water pipeline, the trim automatically adjusts the mix. If the inflow of cold water stops altogether, it still protects you from scalding. Because the thermostat valve shuts off the supply immediately.

Water at the temperature you have set flows into the shower and bathtub at all times

hansgrohe offers you a variety of shower trims. Decisive for your choice is the question of how many consumers the thermostatic trim is expected to control: Hand shower, body spray or multi-jet overhead shower? At hansgrohe, you get thermostatic trims for up to five consumers. All are appealing for well-thought-out design and sophisticated function.

Exposed installation or concealed installation? 

You can choose between hansgrohe thermostatic trims for exposed installation or concealed installation. An exposed-installation thermostat can easily be connected to existing hot- and cold-water connections, and this is also possible in the context of smaller renovations. Exposed-installation thermostats protrude from the wall and can also serve as a practical shelf for shower gel and shampoo at the same time. Example: hansgrohe ShowerTablets.

A concealed thermostat is particularly suited for use in new bathroom construction. With these thermostats, all the technology disappears into the wall, giving you the benefit of more space and a tidier overall look. In this case, the technology is contained in the hansgrohe iBox Universal. This is a base set that can already be installed in the wall before you have even decided for a specific concealed-installation solution. Once the iBox is in the wall, you can choose from among nearly all the concealed thermostats and upgrade or switch these at any time.