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Finer showering with thermostatic shower faucets

Ecostat thermostats: Comfort and quality for constant shower enjoyment

With the Ecostat thermostatic trim, hansgrohe offers you sophisticated technology for exposed and concealed installation. Which of the systems suits you better is not a question of philosophy. What is decisive, instead, are practical considerations and preferences: Ecostat thermostats for exposed installation are ideal if you want to upgrade your bathroom easily as they can be mounted on existing connections. Ecostat thermostats for concealed installation are suitable for new construction or if iBox Universal is already installed inside your wall. A benefit of the concealed-installation variant is that the technology invisibly vanishes inside the wall and you gain space. Whether exposed installation or concealed installation: Ecostat thermostats are appealing for their elegant design, sophisticated functionality, and proven hansgrohe quality.

Surface-mounted installation: The quick and easy way to more comfort

Ecostat thermostats in exposed installation look good and can quickly and easily be attached to existing connections. That delights every plumber and protects your budget. They also enhance comfort when showering: They continuously regulate water volume, temperature and pressure. The comfortable temperature preset with safety lock at 100° protects against scalding.

Concealed installation: Three designs to choose from

Round, square or SoftCube? You have the choice: hansgrohe Ecostat is available in a variety of design variants. The flat, concealed thermostats are installed quickly and easily on the iBox Universal. This concealed installation is interesting to anyone who is planning a new bathroom or in the process of building. And for purists who love their bathroom clear and tidy.

No matter which hansgrohe Ecostat thermostat you ultimately choose: In any case, you will get a sophisticated eye-catcher with great comfort and an individual touch.