Talis Select S ComfortZone

Talis bathroom faucets

Faucets that offer exceptional ease of use – now featuring the Select button

Hansgrohe is bringing out two faucet collections featuring Select technology for the very first time:
Talis Select S and Talis Select E. Form and function come together, the lever completely disappears, and your customers can control their faucets at the touch of a button. Not only does this offer the ultimate in convenience, it also helps save water: The intuitive operation encourages users to turn the water off. The completely new design concept will help you tap into additional customer groups.

For those who like the characteristic pin handles on the Talis design: the standard versions are still included in the range – some in the new design.

Talis Select S faucet

Talis S for the vanity, bidet, bathtub and shower

Talis S single-hole lavatory faucets are easy to operate using the pin handle. They are available in several different versions, including for wall mounting. For bathtubs, there are faucets that can be concealed or freestanding models. You also have the choice between single-hole faucets and concealed models in the shower. Talis Select S faucets without a lever: Select technology makes your day-to-day bathroom routine easier with this new generation of products.   

Talis S faucets ( from )

Talis E faucet

Talis E for the vanity, bidet, bathtub and shower

New design: Talis E single-hole faucets for the vanity offer optimal comfort with a precise, natural design (also available as wall-mounted versions). Different versions are available for the bathtub and shower, such as the elegant, space-saving concealed faucet. Talis Select E faucets can be operated with fingers, arms or elbows: the Select button transforms them into real marvels in terms of comfort. Here too, the different heights create a lot of space between the spout and basin.

Talis E and Talis Select E faucets ( from )

Talis tub faucet

Talis for vanity, bidet, bathtub and shower

The award-winning Talis faucets are designed to be slender and simplistic. They feature the characteristic pin handles for a high, arc-shaped jet and multi-hole variants or versions for wall mounting available for the bath tub and shower.

Faucets from the Talis S collection ( from )

Talis S lavatory faucet

Talis S – the popular modern classic

Slender, functional and good value: Talis S is a popular choice for the vanity, bathtub, shower and bidet. A range of single-hole faucets are available for the vanity, with faucets for surface-mounted and concealed installation available for the bathtub and shower. These exclusive bathroom faucets at affordable prices are a prime example of minimalist design, including the pin handle and high-quality faucet technology.

Talis S faucets ( from )


Further advantages of Talis products:

  • Economical and environmentally friendly, with the intelligent water volume limitation to 5 liters/minute with EcoRight and CoolStart technology.
  • The convenient swivel action also increases the available space and is practical for cleaning the ceramics.
  • The Hansgrohe ComfortZone test shows suitable combinations of sinks and faucets. Annoying water splashes are now a thing of the past.