Showering fun in the rain shower: woman under a Raindance Rainfall overhead shower

New to the Raindance collection: Raindance Rainfall

Showering fun for the whole family

More room to move around in the bathroom: the Hansgrohe brand extends its range of shower systems. These guarantee a pleasurable shower experience for big and small, young and old alike. The RainAir rain shower combined with the RainFlow gush spray makes for a fantastic showering experience. The pre-assembled systems are also simple, quick and safe to install.

Experience a remarkable pleasurable shower experience with a new overhead shower system that comes with two jet types:

  • RainAir rain shower and RainFlow gush spray
  • Minimalist design with surfaces that are easy to clean
  • Fits in with the style of any bathroom
  • A great look at an attractive price
  • Simple, quick and safe installation on iBox Universal