Raindance Select Showerpipe: plenty of room to move around under warm summer rain – and a thermostat with generous storage space.

Perfection creates emotion: Raindance Select Showerpipe

Showering with the softness of summer rain

Your body will be pleasantly massaged by the plump, effervescent raindrops from the 360 mm shoulder-wide overhead shower, while you can choose between three jet types on the handshower: Rain AIR (soft), Caresse AIR (massaging) and Mix (the best of both). The thermostat is also practical and attractively designed: the shelf area of the Ecostat Select provides ample space for shampoo and shower gel. This is what today’s shower looks like.

The only thing you still have to do yourself is sing

Hansgrohe’s newest innovation, the Raindance Select Showerpipe, is an individual shower system that completely reflects the spirit of the times and beautifully complements the range. The formula for the standard integrated AirPower technology is: lots of air + a little water = an invigorating, pleasurable shower experience. QuickClean guarantees that your enjoyment will be long-lasting.

Raindance Select Showerpipe: A compelling trio

It’s not just the Raindance overhead shower. It’s not just the Raindance Select handshower. It’s not just the Ecostat Select thermostat. It’s the perfect combination of all three elements, and guarantees the perfect pleasurable shower experience.

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