Have fun designing your washbasin with the Ambience Configurator.

Ambience Configurator

Which faucet goes with which ambiance?

What does the perfect combination of vanity and faucet look like?
In conjunction with the right vanity, Hansgrohe faucets are the best both aesthetically and in terms of functionality.
Use the Hansgrohe recommendations to put together the perfect matching pair yourself – using the practical Ambiance Configurator tool.

Step 1: Select the ambiance.
Step 2: Select the faucet.

You can see what all the models from the new Hansgrohe faucet ranges Metris, Talis S and Focus look like on different vanity scenes. The Configurator automatically gives you a selection of matching faucet types to choose from. So you can see which combination looks good and would be suitable straight away. Use the Hansgrohe ambiance recommendations to navigate visually.