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Daniel Düsentrieb must have come from the Black Forest – after all, there is a huge concentration of innovators in the south-west of Germany.
Of course, the quality and durability of Hansgrohe products is no mere coincidence. It is based on basic research – and sometimes on ingenious ideas too.  

Jan Heisterhagen, awards ceremony

“If it can be done at all, it should be done beautifully!” Jan Heisterhagen, head of project management at Hansgrohe, explains in an interview how design concepts for the future are developed – and why the cross-generation bathroom can also look appealing too.

a visit to Hansgrohe’s “inner sanctum” shows why spray research involves basic research. It’s fascinating to see the efforts that are undertaken in Schiltach to ensure that the products are unique and economical.

Markus Wöhrle, chief engineer of the Hansgrohe spray laboratory, in action.

The people who work in Hansgrohe’s development division are not in possession of any magic formula. But the head of the spray research laboratory reveals just what it means to strive for that perfect spray day after day.