Hansgrohe Water Symposium 2010: October 7/8, 2010 in Schiltach, motif with water cycles.

Water Symposium 2010

“Our daily water – fascinating element and eternal cycle”

This was the title of the third Hansgrohe Water Symposium, which took place on October 7 and 8, 2010 in the Aquademie Event Centre in Schiltach in the Black Forest. This year, the two-day event focused on the question of whether water cycles still work, presenting the topic from several different perspectives.

Twelve well-known water and environment experts discussed the matter at Hansgrohe AG’s invitation. These included Professor Dr. Klaus Töpfer, former Federal Minister for the Environment, and ZDF science journalist Dr. Iris Zink.

Lectures, events and workshops 2010

The third Water Symposium focused on water cycles in both the natural world and the world of engineering, and how they shape our everyday life. Particular attention was paid to questions such as: what is threatening water – our elixir of life, how do people affect the water cycles and what consequences does this have?

Presentation of the Hansgrohe Award for Journalists 2010

At the end of the Water Symposium 2010, Hansgrohe AG presented its inaugural award for journalistic work that raises public awareness of the sustainable use of water. The award was sponsored by the former head of the United Nations environment program, Klaus Töpfer.
A positive response: increasing environmental awareness

Siegfried Gänßlen, CEO of Hansgrohe AG, and Klaus Grohe, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, gave a positive assessment: “The third Hansgrohe Water Symposium has once again demonstrated just how fascinating and essential the element of water is. All of the speakers clearly highlighted that the responsible use of water and the prevention of water wastage are among the main challenges facing our society.”

Both view the great response to the event as a sign of the growing awareness for environmental and resource protection. “This is also a guide for the company’s sustainability strategy.” Hansgrohe AG’s main objective in the future will continue to be connecting an enjoyment of water with the responsible use of this resource. The company aims to improve the water efficiency of its products.