The bathroom inspired by nature

Inspired by nature

Bathroom comfort and natural materials create a place of relaxation

In today's restless times, places of peace and tranquility are becoming ever more important. People are increasingly feel the desire to live in contact with nature and within a natural setting – even in their own homes. Factoring in a few fundamental concepts during the planning stages can help you design a bathroom that perfectly fulfills this requirement and appeals to the senses in its use of water.

You do not need a large space to create a natural setting

When designing a bathroom that is in harmony with nature, the size of the room is irrelevant. Opt for natural materials such as natural stone and wood, and create singular accents through the use of deliberately placed light sources. Wooden blinds and textile home accessories provide a natural ambience.Where practicable, bathroom and bedroom merge seamlessly into one another, only separated by sliding doors.

A bathroom concept that brings the natural environment into the home

The design of the faucets and bathroom products captures the fundamental concepts with excerpts from the natural world. Thus, the faucets's gush spray resembles a waterfall and the towel rack a branching tree. The planning concept presented here was implemented using the Axor Massaud bathroom collection, and results in a spacious bathing and living environment that is wonderfully inviting. The free-standing bath tub evokes the sensation of floating on a lake. Like a jetty on the beach, the wooden platform offers space for relaxing and communicating. Accessories continue the natural world theme perfectly. All this creates a unique environment which allows people to get away from the hectic pace and stress of everyday life, offering them leisure to spend their time.