The bathroom inspired by nature

Bathroom inspiration 3

The bathroom inspired by nature

In today’s restless times, places of peace and retreat are becoming more important. People yearn for more contact with nature and a more intensive experience with the emotional element of water. 

Bathtub area

A spacious bathing and living environment invites you to relax for a while. The free-standing bathtub evokes the sensation of floating on a lake. Wooden platforms, which suggest a beach, offer you a space for lounging and communicating. Balanced light sources and textile home accessories provide a harmonious ambience. These elements also create a relaxation area, which allows people to get away from the hectic pace and stress of everyday life and offers them another way to spend their time.

Axor Massaud

The architect and designer Jean-Marie Massaud has drawn inspiration from nature, not only for the Axor Massaud collection, but also in his bathroom design.