The room is separated into a cozy relaxation area and a purely functional area for shower and toilet.

Bathroom Inspiration 2

Separation of feel-good and functional areas

The bathroom is becoming increasingly defined as a living space and place of relaxation. A greater sense of comfort is achieved by the creation of an invigorating ambience and floorplan design where the bathroom opens onto the bedroom. This means that there is now more living space in the bathroom, and two cozy rooms are merged together in a practical fashion. The room is separated into an intimate relaxation area and a purely functional yet attractive section for the shower and toilet. For example, the space between the bedroom and bath area are separated by the toilet thus giving both areas their own identity.  

Natural light and a homely ambience

Large windows, which let in natural light, and home accessories ensure that the bathroom has a comfortable ambience. Natural wooden flooring and precious materials such as black and white marble underline the elegant character of the room. 

Axor Citterio

The architect and designer Antonio Citterio defines the bathroom as a source of relaxation. For him, it is only natural to separate the feel-good and functional areas from one another. He created this room design concept specifically for Axor Citterio.

Separating feel-good and functional areas: Stylish details


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