The bathroom as a place of retreat and a lounge.

Bathroom Inspiration 1

A place of retreat from our hectic world

The bathroom is not only used for washing. In fact, in 1994 Starck revolutionized the bathroom thus starting a long-lasting trend of bathroom design.  This room has gone in a totally new direction beyond its functional importance. Today more than ever, the element of water plays an important part in feeling good, with its soothing effect on the body. The bathroom is turning into a spacious room where people find relaxation. 

A lounge for water

How can a bathroom turn into a room where you can enjoy spending time? This begins with the individual bathroom elements, which have a peaceful atmosphere: The lavatory becomes a piece of furniture, the bathtub moves away from the wall and into the room. A clear emphasis on soothing elements can be found such as wooden flooring, plastered walls and large windows providing a calming ambience without cluttering the room. 

Axor Starck

With Axor Starck, the designer Philippe Starck made a revolutionary contribution in 1994 to the modification of the bathroom from a functional washroom to a emotional feel-good area.