Raindance E

Raindance E

The Perfect Shower. Fair and Square.

With its sleek angular design, the Raindance E shower collection combines a stylish and modern aesthetic with unparalleled quality, providing an unforgettable shower experience. This range offers both wall and ceiling mounted rain showerheads, creating a natural rainfall sensation. For added functionality, the ShowerTablet 600 allows for temperature and volume control, and at nearly two feet in width, it’s the perfect place to store all of your shower necessities. The Raindance E Unica Wallbar provides additional shelving for even more space-saving organization. 

  • Raindance E 400 Square 1-Jet Showerhead
  • Raindance E 400
  • Raindance E 300 Showerhead

Functionality. For the Shower.

Boasting a luxe, high-end look, Raindance E integrates exceptional German engineering with extraordinary water performance – making it an ideal pairing with a variety of modern bathroom interiors. Certain products from this range are equipped with the following innovative technologies:

  • XXL Performance: With spray faces as large as 600 mm in diameter, these rain showers provide a truly lavish showering experience.
  • QuickClean: Anti-limescale function with silicone spray channels enable you to simply wipe away deposits.
  • EcoRight: Products with this technology use less water than conventional products. This keeps the flow to a minimum to save water and energy without sacrificing performance.

Raindance E Rain Showerhead

Raindance E for the shower

Here you will find our comprehensive range Raindance E shower products. Enhance your shower experience with all that hansgrohe has to offer. 

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