Water at the touch of a button with the new Select faucet.

Talis Select bathroom faucets

Starting and stopping the water flow at the touch of a button

Outstanding user comfort now also available at the sink. hansgrohe has equipped the Talis Select S and Talis Select E bathroom faucet ranges with Select technology. This means you can now control water at the touch of a button. This new faucet generation has an innovative design that is sure to surprise, as it dispenses entirely with the operating lever. This brings clarity in both design and function to the sink, not to mention resource conservation. Thanks to the button, the water can be switched off in an instant. Meanwhile, the water temperature is set with a simple turn.

Talis (Select) S and E: a miracle of convenience at the sink


The “S” stands for round design and the “E” for rounded corners.

Minimalist design, outstanding user comfort

The new generation of faucets with Select technology can be operated with fingers, arms or elbows. Various spout heights ensure that the faucets fit perfectly with any sink type. Talis Select S lavatory faucets are available in heights of 80, 100 and 190 mm. With Talis Select E, the different heights (110 and 240 mm) create a lot of space between the spout and basin. hansgrohe calls this ComfortZone.

Try it out for yourself: The hansgrohe ComfortZone test shows suitable combinations of sinks and faucets. This ensures a harmonious look and means that annoying water splashes are now a thing of the past.

Are you a fan of the Talis design with its characteristic pin handle or rotatable spout? This classic range is still available – some of which (Talis S and E) have a new design.

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