AXOR Montreux faucet

AXOR Montreux

Authenticity. Perfection.

The turn of the century. An era of radical change and progress. Also the time of Europe’s grand hotels. One city which embodies this period of time unlike any other is Montreux. The legendary spa resort on the shores of Lake Geneva. The AXOR Montreux collection has preserved the charm of this period: Its faucets, showers and accessories follow the tradition of the first industrially manufactured fittings. The bridge look, cross handle and porcelain inlays with authentic lettering are all references to classic design. Pieced together from individual elements. Easy to operate. Classic with low spouts and star handles. Or modern with high spouts and lever handles. Perfectly designed in the style of the early 20th century.

AXOR Montreux’s story of success began in 2006. Developed in collaboration with Phoenix Design. With more than 700 design awards, the Stuttgart-based design studio has been topping the IF ranking for years. The authentic, classic AXOR Montreux collection now also includes more variants, such as innovative lever handles.

Bring the era from the turn of the century back to life in your bathroom with faucets and accessories from AXOR Montreux. Or use AXOR Montreux to add exciting touches to modern settings.

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