Environmentally friendly Hansgrohe showers

Sustainable showering pleasure

Feels good, looks good and is good for humans, animals and the environment

The organic market is booming and vegan is in vogue. Whether food, drink, clothing or travel – proof of sustainability is essential nowadays. The beauty industry is no different, with natural cosmetics experiencing strong growth in recent years. An increasing amount of consumers are now buying environmentally friendly products made from organic raw materials. Today, the feeling of wellbeing in the bathroom is no longer just a case of pampering oneself after a hard day – it is also about enjoying a sensual, guilt-free cleaning experience. This means using shower gels, shampoos, creams and deodorants that are safe and have not been tested on animals. The bathrooms of today are increasingly filled with tubes, pots and jars with labels featuring certified seals of approval for natural cosmetics. Their natural, attractive design is no longer reminiscent of the “organic chic” style from days gone by. Another positive trend is that these organic products are becoming more and more affordable.

Quality instead of quantity – saving valuable resources

Anyone not wishing to subject themselves and the environment to excess chemicals knows that not only the ingredients of the cosmetic product is important, but also the amount used. The less shampoo and shower gel we use (not to mention washing-up liquid and detergents), then the lower the pollution to wastewater every single day. Environmentally conscious consumers also watch out for minimal water and energy consumption when showering, which is where the EcoRight showers from Hansgrohe come into their own. With their automatic water flow limitation, these showers ensure that resources are conserved – and all without sacrificing shower comfort.

Safe showering – without parabens and phthalates

When it comes to cosmetics, it’s no wonder that an increasing number of consumers are now switching to reliable brands that use verifiable ingredients. After all, product tests in recent years have demonstrated just how dangerous the materials used by many popular manufacturers can be. Take petroleum products, for example. While inexpensive, they dry out the skin and cause blocked pores. Then we have parabens, which are used to preserve gels and creams yet can cause allergies and even cancer in extreme cases. Plasticizers (phthalates) affect the hormonal balance in the body, while emulgators such as polyethylene glycol (PEG) allow harmful substances to penetrate the skin. And let’s not forget aluminum, silicon and artificial colorants and preservatives, all of which can have negative effects on health. When a shower gel causes residues in breast milk or damage to the liver, more and more people are saying enough is enough. Instead, they are now increasingly looking out for natural product certification and organic seals of approval from independent consumer protection institutions.

Incidentally: a lot of foam doesn’t necessarily mean added cleanliness. A lot of foam simply means that the product contains a lot of tensides – something both people and the environment can do without. The dream team in the shower is therefore natural cosmetic products (less foam) combined with a Hansgrohe EcoRight shower (less water) to wash them off.

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