Natural wall as a highlight in the bathroom

Authentic and rugged

The individual character of natural materials is particularly in demand. Including in the bathroom.

A desire for authenticity is making a mark in the field of interior design, with rugged surfaces with an interesting feel, natural materials and refined yet rustic walls proving popular. In the bathroom and kitchen, this trend can be seen in handcrafted plasterwork and exposed concrete. The spectrum here ranges from rough brickwork right up to rustic wall designs. It is therefore only logical that materials with an industrial look are also in demand, as are recycled building materials or those with a used look. The intention is to give the rooms both an authentic yet warm and sensual atmosphere.

Naturalness and authenticity are hot topics

As Hansgrohe has observed at recent interior design and architecture fairs, individual design using authentic materials is replacing the cool look of perfect, white walls. In many cases, building owners appreciate the benefits that uncladded cement offers to the atmosphere of the room: As they are not sealed, the walls absorb some of the steam in the bathroom and then release it over a longer period, thus helping to regulate the ambient humidity. Open-pored wood is also valued for its breathability, whereby the trend here also leans towards a more raw look. Finally, the rugged charm of lofts and traces of imperfection also hold a strong fascination. Wall decor gives the appropriate visual effect wherever an uncomplicated solution with a vintage look is needed: Innovative photo wallpaper inspired by rugged material is even available for the bathroom. The atmosphere in the bathroom can then be changed instantly in line with current trends.

Modern bathroom faucets are a perfect match for refined yet rustic surroundings

The imperfect look of exposed, authentic walls can be combined particularly well with the Hansgrohe Modern range. The bathroom faucets have a clear design and are elegantly understated, thus offering a harmonious contrast in the refined yet rustic atmosphere. Hansgrohe also offers impressive solutions in the trend towards a conscious use of materials: Hansgrohe Rainmaker Select focuses on the natural appearance of glass. The material stands out thanks to its flat, perfect finish and blends in perfectly with clear bathroom architecture. Glass is timelessly natural and can also be found in the ShowerTablet Select and ShowerSelect pre-fab sets for the bathtub and shower.

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