Loft living with kitchen and sleeping areas

The open-plan kitchen trend

Modern faucets set stylish accents in the open-plan kitchen

The kitchen is being transformed from a workplace to somewhere that combines living together and hospitality. However, this is by no means a rebirth of the traditional eat-in kitchen that previously kept everyday life in the kitchen separate from the immaculate living room. Instead, contemporary architecture focuses on bringing together cooking and dining areas with the remaining living areas to form one single unit. Seen for many years as a purely functional room, the kitchen is now becoming a new hub within the modern home. In the trend for flowing architecture and open-plan kitchens, this is also reflected in the increased demands in terms of design and standard of living.

“For many people, cooking is a passion that they want to share with others. This requires a solution that connects hospitality and living with the working area in the kitchen.” Christian Wadsack, Dipl.-Ing. interior designer (BDIA) 

Combining kitchen and living areas in a single unit

Building owners are increasingly choosing floor plans where the kitchen is the focal point of the home. Dividing elements are omitted and the objects are arranged practically. For example, a kitchen island or open counter next to a food preparation area are right at the top of the wish list at present. The visible front panels can be matched perfectly to the living areas. Comfortable seating for guests is a popular addition to the counter area; in this inviting combination of cooking and living areas, the faucet for the sink becomes a real eye-catcher. At the same time, it is also a useful kitchen assistant that can be used by home cooks when cooking together – something that is also popular at the moment. With this design trend in mind, Hansgrohe and Axor offer a selection of kitchen faucets that are both aesthetic and functional.

The Hansgrohe PuraVida kitchen faucet with DualFinish – where the brushed stainless steel finish on the faucet body meets the polished stainless steel finish on the spout – is an eye-catcher on any kitchen sink unit. The clarity and purism are a perfect match for modern living, while the sophisticated comfort of using separate control units is an added plus when it comes to tailored architecture concepts.

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