Ceiling shower head

Ceiling mounted versus wall mounted shower heads

The choice is yours when deciding how to mount your ceiling shower head. Whether wall or ceiling mount is your style, hansgrohe's the right solution.

When it comes to choosing how to mount a ceiling shower head, it all depends on your style and shower preferences. Do you like to feel like you're caught outside in the rain, to feel the rain envelop you from above? A ceiling shower head may be for you. A ceiling mounted shower head is idea for those who prefer more of a rain experience rather than a traditional shower experience. Or do you prefer a more direct shower stream for the most efficient shower process? Then you may be more in need of a wall mount shower head. Whatever you choose a ceiling or wall mount for your shower head, hansgrohe has the right shower head for you!

To control the temperature and flow of the water leaving your shower you will need:

Explore hansgrohe's shower heads here and find the one which fits your style.
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