Axor One thermostat module.

Axor One

A masterpiece of aesthetic minimalism

With Axor One, you can make a confident statement that brings a generous sense of space to the shower. Perfectly proportioned surfaces, soft curves and a sleek silhouette make the thermostat module into a designer object. Just like a natural monolith, Axor One is shaped into a single, minimalist piece and exudes a majestic sense of calm.

All functions are combined in a central control unit where the showers are controlled. The perfectly proportioned paddles make operating the shower a breeze. Simply pressing the corresponding paddle with the finger, back of the hand or elbow is all that is required to activate the different showers. The shower can thus be operated intuitively. This is all down to Select technology, which works on the principle of pushing instead of turning.

For this new shower range, Axor worked together with the designers Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby from London. They follow the philosophy of interaction design, where the design is oriented above all towards how the user sees, hears and feels the object when interacting with it. The result is a masterpiece of aesthetic minimalism that gives unprecedented freedom when designing your shower. All Axor showers can be combined stylishly with the Axor One thermostat modules. For an added personal touch, Axor One is also available in one of 15 special finishes manufactured exclusively in the Axor Manufaktur.

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