September 2009. At the second Hansgrohe Water Symposium, experts made the quality of this precious asset the focus of their lectures.

Water Symposium 2009

“What is good water?”

The second Hansgrohe Water Symposium on September 24/25, 2009 at the Aquademie Event Centre in Schiltach looked into this question. In lectures and workshops, water experts spoke on fascinating topics about this precious resource.

During the two-day event, the experts took a deeper look at the microcosm of water and scrutinized global water quality. This included the analysis of current contaminant loading and also the outlook for the future human water requirements. The experts considered the possibilities of multiple use and introduced new water and sewage technologies. With regard to the pressing problems of supply, the podium discussion proclaimed a revolution for good water.

The general expert conclusion to the second Hansgrohe Water Symposium: We all need to handle this valuable commodity more cautiously! The future of man is definitely closely linked to the future of water. Thus, what water can do for us will not become a priority overnight. It’s much more a matter of what we can do for water.