Old-style bathroom with Axor showerpipe.

Stylish renovation in old buildings

Modernizing the bathroom and adding a sense of design with a showerpipe

Renovating an old building offers the opportunity of improving the standard of living while maintaining much of the authentic charm. Old buildings are characterized by unusual floor plans and traditional details that can be combined stylishly with contemporary comfort. A careful and focused renovation in the bathroom combines modern elements harmoniously with existing architecture – and all without major reconstruction work.

Original details such as parquet flooring and homely materials meet fresh, modern design. When combined with faucets using state-of-the-art technology, antique bathroom furniture is given a new lease of life. Alternatively, a washbowl in a modern design can offer an exciting contrast to old collectibles. An old-style bathtub can be expanded stylishly with a modern shower system that also puts the high ceilings in an old building to good use. Combining old and new can be realized quickly and easily with showerpipes that can use the existing connections.

By opening the bathroom up to other areas, small bathroom solutions become increasingly spacious and attractive. In the floor plan shown above, only the half-height wall separates the shower area from the vanity and can also be used for seating and as a storage space. A fabric curtain fits in well with the character of the old building and can be used as a decorative and practical element.

The most beautiful way of connecting old and new

Thanks to its universal design, a showerpipe is suitable for use as a modern surface-mounted solution in the bathroom shown here, mixing styles both with the traditional bathtub and floor-level shower. The shower system also blends in elegantly with lavatory faucets and wash basins from other styles. The renovation shown here was realized with Axor ShowerProducts designed by Front. The different versions show how other Axor products can be combined harmoniously with existing items and give stylish, modern touches to an old building.

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